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About us

Comprising areas ranging from power transmission through clutch technology to power conversion through gearbox solutions and service and machine diagnostics, the company is able to offer innovative and customised drive and system solutions along the entire drive train. The business areas intermesh and complement one another.

Power transmission and conversion of high torque ratings has always been a speciality of DESCH Antriebstechnik. True to our slogan “Smart Drive Solutions”, we synchronise and coordinate our system solutions to the particular circumstances and requirements of both the drive and output sides of our customers‘ machinery.

As a reliable drive engineering partner, we deliver the highest quality and service to improve our customers‘ market position in the long term. We are the market leader worldwide in our niche markets and invest heavily in machinery, service and staff training to ensure we always offer our discerning customers ever-increasing added value.

Products and services

Dynamics and innovative strength - Top performance which drives us daily

Power transmission and power conversion of high torques has always been the specialty of DESCH Antriebstechnik. True to our motto “SMART DRIVE SOLUTIONS”, we synchronise our system solutions and adapt them to the special conditions and requirements of both the drive and power take-off ends of your machine.

  • Gear for mobile crusher - DESCH Revox® 
  • Friction clutches - DESCH Planox®
  • Clutch/brake combination - DESCH Lutex®
  • DESCH Power Transmission Elements

DESCH RevoxS gear for mobile crusher

DESCH RevoxS gear for mobile crusher

The new Revox® S compose a standard gear unit to start-up high rotatory inertia in particular for crushing operation.

Drive systems for constant speed engines are subject to high requirements during acceleration of the rotor.
Due to the high engagement speed of the clutch an increase of the performed friction work raised which lead to a high wear.

DESCH Planox® transmission

DESCH Planox® transmission

DESCH Planox® friction clutches are engageable resp. disengageable dry-friction clutches which transmit torque by friction.

These clutches permit rapid acceleration of the driven machines or machinery groups as well as reliable torque transmission. Machines connected with friction clutches are protected against damage which can occur through peak torques during operation or during the engaging/disengaging process.

DESCH belt drive with Planox® clutch

DESCH belt drive with Planox® clutch

With a wide-ranging product spectrum and our service offers, we cover the requirements of drive technology at the interface between the drive machinery and the processing machinery: from belt drive to shaft bearing and rigid or flexible connections, on to couplings and brakes with proven clutch or braking systems and even power boosting with highly developed gearbox technologies – we offer you the optimum solution.

News & Innovations

DESCH Introduces a New Drive System for Mobile Construction Machinery 

This new modular drive concept offers the ability to combine an energy-efficient direct drive with hydraulic drive technology.

“Soft running, cost effective and simplistic in application”

A split power gear is the core of the Revox®. On its input side, it has a SAE connection and a flexible coupling. The crusher is driven by a V-belt drive situated at the gearbox output side. The system operates with a hydraulic soft start even by use of the new constant speed engines. DESCH has eliminated the often costly and sensitive start controls.

“Advancing forward and in reverse”

Specifically to jaw crushers, our new concept offers the ability to operate in reverse which is helpful in instances when the crushers jaw becomes blocked or jammed. Two SAE C connections for hydraulic pumps are available as a standard feature. An additional connection is available, if needed. The Revox® S is the small version of the Revox® drive equipped with similar advantages. It is designed for a lower power range with restricted expansion possibilities. Keeping flexibility, robustness and energy efficiency in mind, this compact crusher drive is built to combine the working functions of hydraulics and mechanical direct drives.


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